Brian Standish’s Key Issues

Economic Recovery

It goes without saying that tourism is the major economic driver in Banff. As part of our recovery process, we need to work in partnership with Banff Lake Louise Tourism and Parks Canada and set goals that create unforgettable visitor experiences that will not only attract visitors but also workers. This will require the Town of Banff to provide the infrastructure to support this, and potentially add to our already growing infrastructure deficit. Tough decisions will need to be made if we want to succeed in having a community that is self-sufficient, provides quality jobs, a comfortable standard of living and a stable
investment environment.

Community Well Being

I want our community to continue to offer a variety of affordable programs, services and supports that meet the evolving needs of our residents whether you’ve lived here for 5 months or 50 years. We should be able to have a healthy and vital community, where residents enjoy a high quality of life. Our goals should continue to be focused on housing, facilities, programs and services. I’m committed to making Banff a great place to live and work.

Environmental Awareness

As a town within a national park, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff has an obligation to be a model environmental community. Therefore, having environmental awareness is the responsibility of every citizen.

As outlined in our Environmental Master Plan (EMP) we need to continue to deliver leading edge environmental initiatives that allow residents and visitors to enjoy our world class setting while also preserving and enhancing our natural environment.

The six key focus areas identified in the EMP are air, ecosystems, energy, sustainable transportation, waste, and water. By focusing on these six areas, we can continue to envision a future where the townsite is “…a model for environmental management, sustainable development, and tourism.”

sustainable transportation

We don’t have a people problem we have a vehicle problem. I will work to see that Banff continues to provide a transportation system that is both effective and efficient as well as economically sustainable and environmentally friendly. As Chair of Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of a transit system that benefits our residents and visitors. Despite Roam’s success, congestion continues to be a problem and we need to continue to embrace more creative solutions to managing parking and improving traffic congestion.

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